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EV Chargers That Work For You
Save time. Earn money. Empower green efficiency.

We make electric vehicle charging effortless, reliable, and economical

Zeal is the most advanced and economical electric vehicle charging solution designed for apartments and workplaces.

Zeal is an electric vehicle (EV) charging software platform that manages all EV charging operations for property managers in a way that makes the chargers profitable instead of a cost center.

Our software enhances property value by improving the way EV chargers are used through an Automated Scheduling App that increases access to chargers for drivers, while minimizing electric costs by up to 50% for buildings. Our platform is easy to implement, energy-efficient, and economical for all stakeholders.

See How It Works
Zeal is a One-Stop-Shop for all EV charging needs. We provide everything from best-in-class charging station equipment to our cutting-edge charging management software platform.
Zeal’s management platform uses AI-powered software to optimize energy savings and profitability, leading to a substantially higher ROI for buildings!
Key benefits:
Scheduling App
Creates self-managed charging communities that increases user satisfaction and eliminates local staff involvement
We provide a safe and flexible billing platform to monetize electricity costs for your building while generating a profit
Energy management
Zeal reduces energy costs by avoiding peak demand charges, saving up to 50% off electric bills
Usage and Reports
Zeal tracks charger usage so buildings absorb the maximum value from each EV charger
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EV Drivers

Introducing Zeal's New Charging App for Drivers: Find nearby charging stations and reserve sessions in advance with one more waiting lines!

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